Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Real Mama's Boy!

A friend came from Italy for a tennis tournament.

We went see him play and he luckily won the first game. When we left he was losing the second one but he was expecting it.

We saw him again after five years.

He is still quite handsome, quite young and still a spoiled mama's boy!

However, he will be traveling in California until the end of June.

He is based in Rome but because of his career as a tennis player he goes all around the world. The stress is always pretty high.

We spent all day at the tennis court and now I feel sleepy like a baby.

Poor thing!


Moky said...

Yes, that is a big problem (and a source of embarassement as well) for us italians... these "men", or as you called them "boys" who never seem to be able to move on from their mama's nest, the invisible umbilical cord still uncut... I believe it's the mothers' fault, though... make the nest so confortable for their chicks and they'll never leave... sad, really!!

Crazy time said...

@moky: it is worrying. They never grow up. They do not look for a woman, they just look for a mom!