Friday, May 9, 2008

Let me Yawn

I am so sleepy. Why is that?
Last night I slept, apart from the noise from downstairs that woke me up, woke us up, for half an hour. Then today, after lunch, I took a nap and dreamed deeply.
Cannot remember what exactly.
When I got up, 40 minutes later, I was feeling so weak, almost afraid to pass out.


Lying Lazy on the couch, watching tv, feeling deadly tired, no strength in my legs.
Went to work this morning, did some errands in the afternoon, now can't stop yawning.
A party tonight but actually dying for sleeping.

Am I hungry?
Might be.

I need waxing.
No doubts.
Such a pain, such an annoying process.
You like my hairy legs, don't you?

Outside it is getting dark.
it's been cloudy.
Overcast, as they say here.

May gray.
(June gloom coming next)

Eating too much crostata with nutella.

Strongly wondering where I am heading to.

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