Wednesday, May 21, 2008

People on the Street and I

This morning I met an old woman waiting on the street with a handbag luggage.
She looked at me, smiled, stretched her arms and said:

"This morning breeze is great, isn't it?

I adjusted to her good mood, came out from my overcast thoughts and replied with a similar enthusiasm: "Yes, it is(ssssss)!!".

The truth was that I did not notice the morning breeze, at all.
And even if I had, I would not say it is great.
I often forget how lucky I am.

However, that woman changed my morning in some way.

Then, few minutes later I was fighting with the main door, my key was not working, when I met the "water guy", a black man who opened the door for me. He had this sincere smile that made me thought once again.

I should be more grateful for whatever I have.
The truth is that I have never been that kind of person, always excited and energetic.
I have always felt this latent tiredness that I have never liked, but it has been there, since I was born, probably.

And, above all, this melancholy that never leaves me alone.
It cannot be always labeled as a matter of female hormones.

By the way my chin has been blossoming with pimples over the last three days.
And I am not a teenager.


Anonymous said...

ho dovuto cercare sul dizionario "chin"... vedi, valeria, devi sorridere! stai insegnando l' inglese a una dall' altra parte dell' oceano!!

anch'io non credo di essere una sempre pimpante, però è vero. le poche persone che hanno quell' energia positiva in più sono come fluorescenti... e devono solo servire da esempio e sprone per somigliargli un po'!

neanch'io sono più adolescente. no doubt.

Crazy time said...

si sono molto sorridente :)

Moky said...

It is always good for our souls to recognize the many beautiful "things" we have, it could be a sunny day after a week of rain, or the light breeze in an awfully hot morning, or the light laughters of your children on the first day off from school, when they make their own breakfast trying not to wake mommy up... and be thankful for them!

Crazy time said...

Moky, you're right.
and your kids are so sweet :)
do they speajk Italian too ?

Moky said...

Crazy, no... they understand it a little and sepak a few words... my fault completely, but it got so hard once I had the second then the third... I cannot explain... I'm trying now to catch up... I hope it's not too late!!!

Crazy time said...

@moky: so it was (and still is) easier to speak English with them instead of Italian? That's interesting.